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About the Team

A seasoned team with world-class levels of experience in film, television, stage, publishing, podcasts, and media – with scores of awards, bestsellers, hits, and accolades to their credit.

The Producers with Michael Mushaw and Steven Manchester

Pictured left to right:

Monty Hobbs (Executive Producer),

Matthieu Chazareix (Producer, Line Producer),

Michael Mushaw (Bone marrow donor and advocate, actor),

Valerie Smaldone (Executive Producer, Director),

Steven Manchester (Writer),

Lou Aronica (Executive Producer, Screenwriter)

TNC-MIKE MUSHAW-w producers and writer.jpg

The Producers with Gloria Gaynor

Pictured left to right:

Lou Aronica (Executive Producer, Screenwriter),

Matthieu Chazareix (Producer, Line Producer),

Gloria Gaynor (Grammy winning singer, actor),

Valerie Smaldone (Executive Producer, Director),

Monty Hobbs (Executive Producer)

Lou Aronica

Executive Producer, Writer

Lou Aronica launched the Star Wars extended universe, has delivered more than two dozen novelists from a standing start to the New York Times bestseller list, and is a multiple New York Times bestselling author himself.

Lou Aronica.png
Monty Hobbs.jpg

Monty Hobbs

Executive Producer

Monty Hobbs’ nearly two-decade-long career in the film industry began humbly in the local film market that is Hollywood East and home of Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington NC. His career path cumulated in ownership of the production company and Telly Award-winning, Tobacco Roads Productions. Monty worked with Russell Crowe in an upcoming Miramax project and recently served as the Producer's Rep for the lucrative faith-based film, The Favorite.

Valerie Smaldone

Director, Executive Producer

Valerie Smaldone, a 5-time Billboard Magazine Award winner, is well known for her unprecedented success holding the #1 on-air position in the New York radio market. She has hosted, produced and created several nationally syndicated programs featuring in-depth interviews with top recording artists such as Paul McCartney, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Elton John and Mariah Carey, among others.

Valerie Smaldone.jpg
Matthieu Chazareix.jpg

Matthieu Chazareix

Line Producer, Producer

From an international background, and as a creative Producer with years of film, television, and video production experience, Matthieu Chazareix has worked in all genres of the entertainment industry. Having worked with some of the biggest production companies in the world, such as The Walt Disney Company, Matthieu is always looking for exciting new projects.

Andrew Rosen

Associate Producer

Andrew Rosen is an award winning media executive.  As Senior Vice President of highly rated radio stations across the country from New York to Hawai'i, (including the multiple award winning radio station WLTW, Lite-FM in NYC, an iHeart station) Rosen has worked with top talented and passionate individuals to create excellence in content, sales, marketing and general management.  Core values drive the foundation of who Andrew Rosen is personally and professionally.

Working with the executive producers of faith based film The Thursday Night Club, Rosen found an ideal situation to put forth his mission of helping to promote inspirational and spiritual positivity by representing this Dove Approved production and its companion workbook written by Rev. Bob McCaskill.

As the proud father of four, Rosen takes tremendous pride that all of his children share his belief of serving those around them as well as the community.

A graduate of the University of Hawai'i, Andrew looks forward to working with faith based organizations to provide entertaining and  educational experiences for  congregations, communities and campuses.

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